Certified Fitness Nutritional Coach

Nutritional Services Offered

Discuss and advise on basic weight management.

Assist in the development of healthy eating habits

Assess general nutrition and diet to devise a basic plan in conjunction with a fitness program

Assist with nutrition for chronic disease (e.g., high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes)

Monitor nutritional and dietary progress and adherence to plans

Offer guidance, support and encouragement

Work with you on nutritional outcomes including creating shopping lists and/or shopping tours and/or in Home Cooking lesson/tips and/or pantry clean up

Assist in the management of nutritional and dietary plans in collaboration with allied health professionals such as nutritionists, dieticians and diabetes educators

Assist with nutrition for competition (fitness model, body sculpting)

Advise athletes and active clients on the principles of nutritional and dietary planning as it relates to sports and fitness activities