On Thursday we will be closing our doors to GROUP training, but Friday we will be opening our doors to the Virtual world of workouts. As most of you will be aware, we do have the ability to continue to train outdoors this MAY potentially allowed us to continue training. For how long? Nobody is sure.

To truly flatten the curve; it is my belief we need to all accept a higher level of social responsibility. We need to stay home and we need to look after ourselves so our community DOES stay fit and healthy.

Our classes will continue. I have been preparing for this and I am ready to launch online. The accountability of Group Fitness will be continued by you logging in and working out… the best part is we can push you harder and not have to hear the whinging because you will all be on mute, full attention on US! Haha!

There are much bigger problems in our community, our country and our world right now than worrying about a few extra days of MAYBE training outside. It is a crap time for us all but we have each other and going online gives us the opportunity to grow our community even more…. imagining the momentum of what we build online coming into full force when we reopen, is exciting.
Today, there is a lot for us all to be doing. BUT one thing you can NOT think about is how you will stay fit and healthy. I have this covered for you. So go forward with your day, do what you need to do… c. Onwards and upwards we go…. let’s do our bit and #flattenthecurve and emerge from this fitter, stronger and most importantly …connected
Looking forward to seeing you in your loungerooms from tomorrow (better get them tidy)

After reading the above you are probably thinking how are we going to do this! Well, there is a great program called Zoom, you can download it https://zoom.us/. There is no cost for this service and it is so easy to use.

To start off the Virtual sessions and get you used to Zoom, I will be hosting a FREE Virtual Pilates session. If you are interested, please book your spot here so that I can send you the Zoom link.

Below is our NEW Virtual timetable (subject to change) – $10 per session or $30 per week unlimited (these costs are per family)
As you will see we have some new time slots to accommodate everyone. As per normal you will have to book your spot https://jumpintolifept.gemconnect.co.uk/ to receive the Zoom link to access the class.

You will see that the Strength class is still on our timetable, this class will be limited to 4 people per session, as each of you will have different equipment that you can use. If interested I have equipment available for you to borrow during this time. It can be swapped weekly if desired. or order some items from kmart https://www.kmart.com.au/…/exercis…/strength-training/251096

View the latest virtual classes by clicking here

I know that there is a lot to take in, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you any questions